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Designed to look like the shotgun your father used but built to use modern ammunition the CZ Hammer Classic is an enjoyable hunting gun that can be passed on down to your children. This double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun features two fully functioning external hammers and a double trigger system one for each 30 barrel. In spite of the double barrel set up the CZ Hammer Classic still weighs in at just 7.5 pounds. With five interchangeable chokes out of the box shooters can customize the shot pattern of the CZ Hammer Classic for specific uses.


The CZ Hammer Classic will bring back memories of grandpas shotgun for many of us. While the old side-by-side that hangs on the fireplace will never be safe to shoot with modern ammo the Hammer Classic can help you relive hunts of yesteryear. – The case-hardened sidelock receiver with functioning hammers and long 30 inch barrels might make you think that its day has passed by but precision machining and modern steels ensure that this shotgun will be shooting for generations to come. – Chambering 12 Gauge – Max Shell Length 3 in – Chokes Includes 5 (FIMMICC) – Stock Turkish Walnut with Pistol Grip – Length Of Pull 14 12 in – Forend Style Spliter Forend – Receiver Finish Color Case Hardened – Barrel Finish Gloss Black Chrome – Ejector Extractor Extractor – Rib 8mm Flat – Overall Length 47.38 in – Weight 7.5 lbs – Comb 1 12 in – Heel 2 14 in – Trigger Mech Dual Triggers – Safety Manual Tang Safety Rebounding Hammers

UPC 806703061313
Gauge 12 GA
Capacity 2 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 30 BARREL
Category: Product ID: 1659


cz hammer classic

Earlier shotguns used external hammers to cock the trigger springs.  But even long after so-called “hammerless” shotguns were readily available many, many astute shotgunners still preferred a smoothbore with outside hammers – and ordered their “bespoke” side

by side shotguns with those hammers. I’m guessing at the date – but somewhere around the early 1980s thousands of these older hammer guns were brought in from England where they had been made – and the importers found a ready market for these storied masterpieces. One of the movers and shakers in this scenario was Houston’s Cyril Adams. There were others, of course, but Adams certainly had a lot to do with this importation of hammer guns – and with making them popular.

In old western movies you have probably seen some side by side hammer guns in action. . Usually called “coach guns,” that name was probably for their use in defending stagecoaches against bandits.

That is until now. CZ-USA, more noted for their outstanding bolt action rifles, has been importing shotguns from Turkey for several years now. Early on one of these imports was a so-called “coach gun,” this one with the exposed hammers and very short side by side barrels.

Lock up is typical for many side by side models – the barrels pivoting on a hinge pin – two bolts protrude forward from the bottom of the receiver upon closing – to engage two lugs milled into the bottom of the monobloc. Further, a lug built into the base of the monobloc snugs into a matching recess in the base of the receiver.


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