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The Drake is built to be the best bang for the buck going when it comes to over/under shotguns. Using the same CNC’ed action and internals as other CZ shotguns the Drake features extractor operation single selectable trigger and laser-cut checkering. FEATURES: Turkish Walnut Stock & Forend; Laser-Cut Checkering; 8mm Flat Vent Rib ACCESSORIES: 5 Choke Tubes FINISH: BLACK

UPC 806703060927
Gauge 12 GA
Capacity 2 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 28 BARREL
Weight 13.6 LBS.


CZ Drake | Order CZ DRAKE

The CZ Drake is a shotgun with an extremely advantageous price to performance ratio. CNC machining of components is also utilized for this model. Features include extractor operation, a single selectable trigger mechanism with the ability to choose the firing order of barrels, low weight due to the deletion of the mid-rib between barrels, and laser cut checkering for a slip-free grip. Order CZ DRAKE

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for in this life, and shotguns are no exception. Spending more doesn’t guarantee you a happy, trouble-free gun owning experience, but it lowers the odds of getting a bad gun, which is why I usually steer clear of cheap shotguns and urge others to do the same.*

That said, it always makes me happy to be able to recommend a bargain-priced shotgun. CZ’s Drake is definitely one worth a look. The Drake, like all CZ USA shotguns, is imported from Turkey, where it is made by Huglu (the “g” is silent), one of Turkey’s best gunmakers.** CZ has been working with Huglu for a long time, and they’ve done a good job of making the Turks elevate the quality of their guns to the level U.S. customers expect. CZ also stands behind its guns and has a service center in Kansas City. The price of Turkish labor being what it is, CZ is able to sell their guns at very attractive prices. I can’t vouch for their pumps and semiautos, but their O/Us and doubles are good. They were very popular around here when we had lots of pheasants, and people liked them a great deal.


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