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The CZ Hammer Coach is designed like the cowboy  of old to give shooters a Wild West feel. This double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun features two fully functioning external hammers and a double trigger system one for each 20 barrel. In spite of the double barrel set up the CZ Hammer Coach still weighs in at just 6.7 pounds.


Action Break SxS – Gauge 12ga – Chamber 3 – Capacity 2rd – Barrel 20 Black Chrome – Chokes Fixed Cylinder – Receiver Case Hardened – EjectorExtractor Extractor – Stock Turkish Walnut – Length of Pull 14.5 – Trigger Double – Weight 6.7 lbs. – Mechanical selective trigger – Box lock frame design – Coil operated hammers – 8mm rib – Chrome lined bores – 18 lines per inch hand checkering – Cast off for the right handed shooter – 5 year limited warranty – Detailed hand engraving – CZ hammerare built with Old West flair but with modern materials to handle smokeless powder. Both the Hammer Classic and the Hammer Coach have fully-functional hammers and are built on a true side lock frame design. The 12 gauge Hammer Coach has 20-inch barrels with cylinder bore making it perfect for Cowboy Action or home defense while the Hammer Classic has 30-inch barrels with interchangeable chokes. So whether you plan on riding shotgun on a stagecoach or just want to relive hunts of old with a similar to your great-grandfathers fowling piece weve got it covered.

UPC 806703061306
Gauge 12 GA
Capacity 2 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 20 BARREL
Weight 6.7 LBS.
Category: Product ID: 1661


cz hammer coach

Everyone loves a throwback, and the double exposed hammers, .color case hardened finish, and double triggers on the Hammer Coach lend authentic .styling to a compact shotgun that’s a lot of fun to shoot. Since it’s a Turkish-made CZ hammer coach, the fit, finish, and function are flawless.

Despite its old school features, it’s still a plenty effective .defensive workhorse inside 30 yards, while also being a tangible glimpse into gun history.

A Little Coach Gun History

The specs for an Old West coach gun are fairly liberal yet specific. Compact smoothbores worked as great defensive tools for travelers on roads plagued by bandits and thieves. . The stages carried passengers, mail, .

The short barrels allow a gunner to maneuver within the confines. of the driver’s box of a stage, and the spread of shot made hitting moving targets .while firing from a wooden box that was bouncing along .

While repeaters like the original. Henry Rifle introduced in 1860. and the later Winchester and Marlin lever guns had capacities of up to 15 rounds,.. they weren’t nearly as effective as .shotguns in this particular role. cz hammer coach

The ability to point and shoot at a moment’s notice with .devastating effect remained advantageous as horses gave way to automobiles. and the industrial revolution modernized. the world, as evidenced by self-defense weapons like the  the trench guns. used by the U.S. military. in WWI, and the riot guns utilized by law enforcement in the early 1900s

Built for cowboy action shooters, the Hammer Coach retains the .classic features of older double-gun designs while being built with current production. methods and including modern safety features.

The Hammer Coach comes nicely appointed .in a hard case that stores the disassembled shotgun in two pieces, each with its own velvety protective sock. For a simple gun, the HC looks .outstanding. The first thing that struck me was the quality of the .Turkish walnut stock and how its stained just. dark enough to perfectly match the gorgeous case hardening on the steel.



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