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The CZ 1012 is a semi-automatic shotgun with an inertia operating system. This 12-gauge hunting shotgun offers a 4+1 capacity and is made to withstand thousands of rounds without the need for maintenance. The CZ 1012 can also cycle a wide variety of shells, from light-recoiling to magnum. This model comes with five standard chokes, shims, the original case, and owner’s manual.

UPC GDC0000012320
Gauge 12 GA
Capacity 4 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 28 BARREL
Weight 6.5 LBS.
Finish BLACK
Category: Product ID: 1641


cz 1012

cz 1012 Ask a buddy which inertia-action semi-auto to buy and chances are they’ll recommend a Benelli.

Although there are a few inertia semi-auto shotguns that cost around $600, CZ brings to the marketplace name recognition, reliability, a national dealer network and its renowned value proposition as evident with a starting price of $518.00 for the CZ 1012.

For the uninitiated, inertia shotguns harness after-shot recoil to cycle the next shell in the magazine.  But that gas spews residue and if enough accumulates the action gets gummy to the point where the shotgun jams. If you’re lackadaisical about shotgun maintenance, picture this: a pheasant breaks, your gas semi-auto goes click instead of bang.

In normal field use, the occasional cleaning and oiling should be more than enough. In fact, I have about 8 of them in my demo trailer and each of them have had at least 4000 rounds shot through them and have received no more than a squirt of G96 on the exterior due to rain and humidity, they just keep running.”


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