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Clad in OD Green and walnut – these shotguns stand out without being ostentatious. The muted green Cerakote finish makes them ideal for field work increasing their hardiness and making them near impervious to the elements. FEATURES: OD Green Cerakote; Rare earth magnets retain most shells even if gun is turned upside down; Equipped with sling swivels FINISH: OD GREEN

UPC 806703063935
Gauge 12 GA
Capacity 2 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 28 BARREL
Weight 12.9 LBS.
Category: Product ID: 1639


cz bobwhite

cz bobwhite  The Bobwhite is back! For 2019 CZ has brought back an updated generation of their popular boxlock side-by-side, the Bobwhite G2. The receiver and barrels are a muted black chrome, rather than traditional bluing, for increased durability and rust resistance. Embracing traditional styling, the firearm features Turkish walnut wood, an English stock and double triggers. While double triggers eliminate the need for a barrel selector, they can take some getting used to, as pointed out by many reviewers.

The updated version of CZ USA’s traditionally-styled Bobwhite, the CZ USA Bobwhite G2 gets a CNCed receiver and modern internals that slim the action while increasing longevity and reliability. . Finished in CZ’s hardy black chrome from head to toe, the Bobwhite G2 will resist rust much better than a blued gun while still looking classy


While they might be Elmer Fudd’s gun of choice, side by side shotguns aren’t that common in America anymore, mostly due to the fact that many of the good ones are quite expensive.  Those that aren’t, such as the Stoeger Coach Gun, have deficiencies such as poor stock to receiver fitment, sticky chambers, and cheap stock finishes that degrade quickly.  CZ’s Bobwhite G2 comes in at the very affordable MSRP of $655.  This price makes it more at home in the gun rack of a Polaris SXS or old truck than in the bespoke velvet cabinets of a “shooting brake”


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