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The CZ 912 is an ideal shotgun be it birds or clays youre hunting on a given day. With an aluminum receiver and walnut stock this sleek gun features a modern-style recoil pad to reduce felt recoil. With a 28 barrel 12-gauge chamber the CZ 912 weighs in at 7.3 pounds. A rearward spring design makes cleanings less frequent as well as making such cleanings easier. With less maintenance required shooters can have that extra bit of fun with the CZ 912.


Action Semi-Auto – Gauge 12ga – Chamber 3 – Capacity 4rd – Barrel 28 Matte Black – Chokes (5) F IM M IC C – Sights Fiber Optic Front Bead – Receiver Alloy Matte Black – Stock Turkish Walnut – Length of Pull 14.5 – Weight 7.3 lbs. – These are great choices for the bird hunter or recreational clay shooter that likes the benefits of a semi-auto shotgun. Shell capacity is 4 1 with the magazine plug removed but can easily be converted back to be a legal migratory bird gun. This gun is built on a bright alloy receiver which has a high gloss black chrome 28 inch barrel with green-glow sight to match. The actions mechanism is slightly different than its predecessor with the action return spring located in the buttstock rather than over the magazine tube making the magazine tube and gas system much easier to clean. This machine is designed to shoot standard field loads all the way up to 3 inch magnum hunting loads making this a great choice for quail or pheasant hunters.

UPC 806703060453
Gauge 12 GA
Capacity 4+1 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 28 BARREL
Category: Product ID: 1626


CZ 912

With CZ quality throughout its handsome lines and affordable price make it attractive to the eye as well as the wallet. The CZ 912 is built with a high gloss finish and has a very sleek look with attractive lines both on the alloy receiver and on the walnut stock. The modern style recoil pad provides for not only a significant reduction in perceived recoil, but it is snag free as well. A long recoil spring is located in the butt of the stock that simplifies assembly and allows it to cycle a wide variety of loads across the power spectrum both 2 and 3. In addition the rearward spring design makes required cleanings less frequent and easier when they are needed. Removal of the installed magazine plug is simple, requiring only the magazine cap to be unscrewed. Without the plug, it gives the upland hunter a 4+1 capacity.

Review: CZ-USA 912 Twelve Gauge Autoloader

The great appeal of the CZ 912 is the cost of entry. With a MSRP of $509 and a street price of around $465, it is a lot easier to swallow than many autoloaders on the market that have soared to $1200 – $1400 price points and even more. The gas action is what I’d refer to as a fairly conventional design, with dual gas ports inside the barrel ring blowing back a single gas piston that has metal gas sealing rings, not O rings. The action bar has dual rails, and the 912 has a three inch chamber with a four shot tubular magazine limited to two with the installed plug that you can remove in seconds. It comes with five screw chokes, more generous than many autoloaders out there.

The first thing we noticed out of the box was the walnut.  Hanging off of our Lyman electronic trigger gauge, the gun came in right at 7-1/4 lbs., a bit lighter than the published weight. The 912 has a horribly heavy trigger, breaking at 8-3/4 pounds or so that we felt was unacceptable for any shotgun. So, we called the folks at CZ to get their stance on the trigger weight. The answer was that their spec is 7 lbs., give or take a quarter pound either way. In this case, yes, they would be happy to touch up the trigger but only to their 7 lb. specification. Still, way too heavy as far as we are concerned so if you want a decent 4-1/2 lb. trigger, it is gunsmith time. As the trigger is a primary control in a shotgun, this is a lamentable trend, but the CZ 912 has a lot of company. The recently tested Stoeger M3500 also came with a heavy trigger, 7-3/4 lbs., and a recent sampling of Remington Versa-Max models (all roughly 8 lb. guns) all had trigger breaks exceeding the gun weight. While I’ve lamented ridiculous trigger pulls for years from many manufacturers, including Browning, now it seems that Browning is far better than typical.

The ventilated rib of the CZ 912 is 8mm in width, a bit wider than the 6mm field ribs that are becoming common. The single bead is a green fiber-optic that we generally liked. The recoil pad is reminiscent of the Franchi I-12 / Browning Cynergy style of pad. While not easily replaceable due to its odd geometry, we liked it and appreciated the hard plastic snag-free heel insert. 



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